Five Reasons Why Correct Car Tyre Pressure Matters

A car’s tyres play a major role in its overall performance and handling, as well as comfort and safety. As such, they are equally imperative and deserve some attention. You should make sure that your vehicle’s tyre has the correct PSI, which is a consensus for all tyres. This can mostly be found in the owner’s manual. Consult your local auto care store for the right rating for your new Bridgestone tyres Dubai for your vehicle.  To ensure that the tyres are always maintained, you can buy a small, cheap air pressure gauge at any car store or gas station in Dubai. So, let’s look at the benefits of having the correct car tyre pressure.


An inflated tyre has its footprint reduced. And when the footprint is small, then it has less grip. This in turn, compromises your ability to control your car while on the road, especially when you are braking. An overinflated tyre can cause an accident in wet roads.

Conversely, an underinflated tyre also results in reduced control, but mostly when you are cornering. When tyres are inflated correctly, it makes handling smooth and easier. This in turn, keeps you and your passengers safe on the road.

The Durability of the Tyres

If your tyre is underinflated, they will not last longer. Often, the tyres are rigid and stiff and are prone to damage when you drive on rough surfaces and potholes. When they are overinflated, they wear pretty faster.

On the same nerve, an underinflated tyre has a high rate of wear on the exterior edge and must be replaced with a higher frequency. So, it is extremely important that you ensure all the tyres have the same pressure amount, at all times.

Tyre Inspection

When checking tyre pressure, you have to go down and attach the hose fitting with the valve fitting. While doing this, your face is near the tyre rubber, allowing you to press the tyre and inspect it for any complexities.

Check for damage or tear to the sidewalls or the tread. Check for small bulges which normally occur when there is impact damage. If you see any bulge, this could mean the rubber of your new tyres Dubai set is weak and may burst if triggered.

Lastly, check the grooves and find the tread wear indicator bar. Make sure it is securely attached below the tyre treads.

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