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Helpful Tips to Maintain Epoxy Floorings

Since epoxy flooring is strong and resilient, it is mostly used in areas where huge tools and instruments are used. This can be in garages, on bridges, highways, and warehouses. The strength of epoxy flooring is what makes it appropriate for heavy-duty machinery without causing damage. It still needs to be maintained and taken care of to prevent it from wearing off prematurely. The best epoxy flooring company in Dubai will help you with epoxy flooring that will certainly last. Here are some helpful maintenance tips.

Constant Cleaning

If you are constantly moving bulky machinery on the epoxy flooring, it’s imperative to keep it clean at all times. Dirt and dust can cause scratches if left for long. Make sure you clean your epoxy flooring at all times to ensure it stays dust-free. This is the most important maintenance tip and it’s also easy as all you have to do is clean. Vacuum the floor at all times to clean away the dirt, and if you are moving heavy-duty machinery on the flooring then you need to be extra cautious about ensuring there is no dust or dirt as the chances of scratches are higher.

Avoid Using Soap While Cleaning

It’s important to make sure you don’t clean an epoxy covered flooring with any soap-based cleaners. Given that its detrimental to epoxy material it gives a haze on it that accumulates over time and damage the floor. The safest way to wash epoxy flooring is by mopping the floor using warm water. You can also use a brush for scrubbing to help make it extra clean. Avoid harsh brushes as they can also cause scratches on the floor.

Use Mats

Since people will be coming in and out, it’s important to use welcome mats. This helps make sure the person coming in dust off ay dirt on their shoes. It can also help minimize damage from water or snow. Put welcome mats at the door of your garage or warehouse to help maximize this.

Taking care of epoxy flooring is relatively easy and does not cost anything. It’s better to ensure you maintain the floor in good condition than to spend money on concrete foundation repair.

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