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How Can I Keep My Bouquet Fresh for Longer?

Flowers are a great gift to receive and if you just got one delivered to you, the next thing you think of is how can you keep this precious gift and prevent them from drying out and losing their beauty. Flowers need a lot of attention and care in order to keep them fresh for a long while. To fully enjoy free flower delivery Dubai, you need to take care of your flowers. Follow these tips as we help readers understand how to keep flowers blooming and looking fresh for longer.

Keep Watering Them

The first and most vital thing to do after receiving flowers are to place them instantly in a vase filled with water. Check up on it daily, you must ensure you put in new water frequently and see that the vase is always filled with water. Too much of everything is bad so take that into consideration when putting water into the vase and all the stems of the flower must be properly inserted in the vase so the flower can receive water properly.

The Stems Should Be Snipped

Now and then you could remove the flower from its vase and design and re-cut the stems, doing this would help the flower get more water and allow the flower to breathe well. When cutting the stem, use a sharp knife, not scissors because scissors can damage the stem making water distribution to the flower hard and always cut one or two inches from the base.

Place Them in a Cool Spot

It has been known and observed that flowers tend to live longer when they are in a cool environment, placing your flower in places with extreme temperatures or close to drafts can make the flower dry out and wither. Avoid storing the flower by the window or areas exposed to the sun because this could make the flower wilt because of overheating.

Remove the Wilted Parts

Removing the wilted parts is important because those wilted parts could affect the fresh parts and make them wilt also, so ensure that you take out any wilted parts like petals or leaves so it does not contaminate the rest of the flower.

Keep Fresh Fruits Away

Cigarettes and fresh fruits have ethylene gas, and this ethylene gas can be very harmful to flowers, and they make them dry quickly.

In Conclusion

Flowers are a precious gift that needs to be handled with care and love, it wouldn’t be nice if the person who gifted you these flowers came to visit, and they see that you haven’t been taking care of the gift they gave you, that is why it is important to know how to care for your flowers.

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