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Top Reasons to Get More Than One Domain

There is always a question on how many domains a business should have and why it should have more than one domain, office 365 Dubai has made it clear to us why a business needs more than one domain. There are so many factors and benefits that come with having more than one domain from the branding of your business to the search engines and several legal factors.

Having more than one domain is a good strategic move for your business especially when you are trying to boost or start off your business. You may think one domain is more than enough but honestly speaking it actually isn’t, having only one domain leaves you vulnerable to so many things like traffic and competition.

Protect Your Trademark

When you have more than one domain it helps you protect your trademark because your trademark isn’t actually protected when you have just one domain, people aren’t stopped from buying your trademark but when there is more than one trademark it helps protect and shield your trademark better than one domain can.

Protection Against User Error

Having more than one domain makes it possible for you to avoid user errors because you could buy possible wrong spellings of your website, business, or brand name so your page can be accessed even when the user types it incorrectly which saves you, customers, and helps make your page more accessible and easy to reach because a normal mishap that happens is users typing the wrong domain name. So, with this, you can easily avoid user error.

Helps Avoid Business Poaching

A thing that happens regularly is brand poaching, sometimes another brand that has a similar name as yours can create little confusions that can make your referrals redirect to their page which would make you lose customers so it is important to buy domain name UAE as it helps protect your business and your customers at all cost.

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