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What Are the Different Ways to Extend IQOS Battery Life?

Nobody wants a device that does have a long-lasting battery life these days. The IQOS device can be delivered to you at any location in Abu Dhabi. The device comes with decent battery life but just like any other electronic device, constant usage can reduce the effect and battery life of the product if it is not used with appropriate care. This is a situation that can be easily avoided thereby preventing any inconveniences in the future. Below are some tips on how to maintain and lengthen the battery life of your IQOS Abu Dhabi delivery device while enjoying it:

What Are the Different Ways to Extend IQOS Battery Life - TriptychSF


Don’t Keep the Charger On For Long

Sometimes we tend to forget our gadgets when we plug them which is a bad habit. We need to keep in mind the fact that overcharging your device can damage the battery life and effect instead of increasing it. When purchasing the device from any store it is advised that overcharging of the device is not a good idea as this can damage the battery pack of the device.  If you often forget when your devices or gadgets are plugged in, you can always set an alarm or reminder to help so you can monitor and remove the device from the electric source immediately it notifies that charging is done. 

What Are the Different Ways to Extend IQOS Battery Life - TriptychSF


Charge it Immediately

Another method that comes in handy when it comes to prolonging the battery life of your device is not letting the battery get flat before charging it. In some situations where you do not have access to a source of electricity immediately, it is advisable to turn the device off before it completely shuts down instead of using it. Once the battery indicates that it is 35%, it is advisable to either charge it immediately or turn it off temporarily before charging it. If the battery pack is constantly dead before it is recharged, then this can affect the performance of the device, and it might start working slower than when the device was first acquired.

Store the Device At the Right Temperature 

When buying the device, you are often advised of the right temperature for it to be stored in. Do not store the IQOS device in a too hot or too cold environment. Ensure that the device is stored at the correct temperature at all times to avoid overheating the battery pack. Storing the device in the right temperature will aid in preserving the lifespan of the device.

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