Why Investors Choose to Invest in Citizenship by Investment Programs?

The BI program is the method of gaining permanent residency in another country either by investing in that country’s economy through bonds, real estate, job formation, or in some cases a donation of money to a government fund. With a number of countries worldwide providing citizenship-by-investment schemes, what is the actual reason behind why businessmen and investors prefer to invest in Antigua citizenship or related countries?

Easy to Expand Business Globally

Today, industry and trade are not bounded by geographical and economic boundaries. Cryptocurrencies have eliminated the challenges faced by companies trading with various currencies and fluctuating exchange rates, while continuously developing transport connections have opened up the global economy with the prospect of overnight transactions and shipment of products.

Offered Safety to Relocate

Safety and stability in a country is the key driving factor behind why investors choose a specific country. It is vital to have the assurance that you can easily relocate to another country, especially if there are certain restrictions applied that may impact the business for themselves and future generations.

Fly Without Applying for Visa

The paperwork is one of the most challenging aspects of travel, and for those who often need to fly around Europe applying for several visas can be time-consuming and, in the worst-case scenario, the visa process can disrupt business trips. When you legally secure your residency permit through the CBI scheme, you are automatically entitled to fly without visa to any Schengen country. You are then entitled to apply for a passport after you have kept a residency permit for a specified time.

Permit to Reside, Work and Study

Permit to Reside, Work and Study

Through this residency permit, you and your family can legally work, reside or even study in Europe. Given that European education has been widely recognized as the best globally, it is considered a boon for investors. It is worth mentioning, that unlike citizens, those who specifically hold a residency permit are not entitled to participate in any official work or vote. That, however, shouldn’t prevent you from taking advantage of this scheme, as naturalization or methods who would take years to obtain a residence permit.

You Don’t Have to Settle Down

You Don’t Have to Settle Down

While the permit allows you to relocate and settle down in Antigua, you don’t necessarily have to do so, which simply means you can either expand your business there or study, but don’t mandatorily have to reside. This is especially beneficial to those who simply want to expand their business in a new location while continuing to reside in their country of origin or some place that they have already settled in, and don’t plan on moving out.

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