Checking Before Renting A Car

What You Should Check Before Renting A Car

When planning a trip there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration, including the transportation. While we are no experts in the other departments, we can certainly provide you advice regarding the transportation. It is wise to skip using public transport and opting to rent cheap cars instead, as it offers you convenience, affordability and flexibility. There are many articles on how to rent a cheap car, but here we want to discuss the lesser known facts such as things you ought to check prior to hiring a car.

Ensure You Have Your Documents

There could be nothing worse than reaching your car rental company only to realize that you left all the required documents at home. Prior to visiting the car rental service provider, be sure to have all the right documents such as a valid driving license, and credit card among others. Also, make sure to have a credit card as most car rentals don’t accept debit card payments as a form of guarantee.

Inspect the Car

Inspect the Car

We understand the excitement of driving in a car of your choice, but don’t be so overwhelmed that you forget to check the car. Before leaving, it is advisable to do a comprehensive check both inside and outside. Inform the representative beforehand, even if it’s a minor dent or scratch, so you may not end up having to pay a high price for it.

Acquaint Yourself with The Car

It is important to note that every vehicle is different. It is very unlikely that you will get to rent a similar to the one you’d drive back home. Before you head out, take a look at all the features, ensure you are well seated and make all the required adjustments. Check where all the functions are located to prevent any embarrassment. Only after completing this step would it be advisable to hit the road.

Identify the Fuel Used

No, we don’t mean diesel or petrol. In Dubai, every petrol station has two types of fuel – namely Special and Super. They are not suitable for every vehicle, so be sure to check with the car rental service provider about what fuel that the vehicle runs on, so you don’t end up paying double the amount.

Return the Vehicle on The Right Day

Return the Vehicle on The Right Day

Car rental companies follow a strict policy when it comes to returning the vehicle. It’s best to return the car a few hours in advance, especially if you don’t plan on using it that day. It ensures the car is returned on time and you not having to pay for the following day as well.

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